Our Newest Location!

The team and  I are proud to announce the opening of our newest office, in Little Silver NJ. Our goal in opening this office location is to better serve our friends and family in the Monmouth County area.  A sincere thank you to all my patients who have continually traveled from NJ to NY over the past 20 years for their dental care. I am in New Jersey on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and look forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones!


Park Ave, Location:

Dr. Joseph DeRario & Assoc.
 245 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10167
Call: 212-922-0820

Little Silver, NJ Location:

Dr. Joseph DeRario, DMD
530 Prospect Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739
Call: 732-268-8704



Meet Dr DeRario

Dr. Joseph DeRario graduated from the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1973. He opened his 1st private practice in 1974 and expanded his practice in 1986 with the opening of his New York office at 245 Park Avenue. In 2017, Dr. DeRario established a private practice in Monmouth County, New Jersey where he resides. His New Jersey office is located on the Jersey Shore at 530 Prospect Ave., Little Silver. Dr. DeRario continues his post graduate studies annually in various areas of dentistry, including periodontics, prosthetics and implantology.


This is definitely the greatest experience I’ve had with dentists. I went to them for an upper wisdom tooth extraction and it was so painless I was amazed.
— Jesse, New York NY

More than just cleanings.


Specializing in a full range of dental care from fillings to dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Our dental practice is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care.


Teeth Whitening

Same Day Results. This treatment consists of a gentile hydrogen-peroxide whitening gel activated by a special patented light. The light is not a laser or a UV light; it is a gentle blue light thats wavelength is matched to the whitening gel to effectively whiten and brighten your smile in about an hour.




Dental implants can replace missing teeth and represent an alternative to dentures or bridge work. The advantages vary by patient buzt may include great comfort, better speech, more secure site of replacement teeth and extended longevity of restoration when compares to dentures or bridgework. Dr. DeRario has over 22 year experience in Implantology.


Cleaning & Hygene

Not just a cleaning

In todays health conscious culture, treating periodontal disease has become a high priority for heal care. Research has linked periodontal disease to heart disease, diabetes, respirroty problems, stroke, and low birth weight in infants. Our hygienists are trained in soft tissue management which is a non-surgical procedure to enhance oral health and decrease chances of periodontal disease. With treatment and maintenance bad breath can be eliminated, red swollen bleeding gums turn a healthy pink and tooth loss can be adverted.



SAy goodby to metal

Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you've always dreamed of. Using 3D computer imaging technology, Invisalign depicts your complete treatment plan. You are able to follow your progress and see how your smile changes from start to finish. Invisalign is also convenient, the trays are inconspicuous and allow you to eat whatever you want in comparison the traditional braces.


No one compares to Dr. DeRario, a very personable and will always be straightforward with you, certainly a dying breed. Staff is friendly and honest and appointments. No billing surprises too! They are also a one-stop-shop. You don’t have to go somewhere else for a root canal - they do everything, and do it well!I I couldn’t be happier.
— Ashley C New York, NY

We're now down the shore!

Come and visit our newest  location!

Dr. Joseph DeRario, DMD
530 Prospect Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739
Call: 732-268-8704
Email: DrJDeRario@gmail.com


Dr. Joseph DeRario & Assoc.
 245 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10167
Call: 212-922-0820
Email: derarioandassoc@verizon.net


Professional and knowledgeable, Dr. Derario and his team provide top-notch dental care and services. From cavities to fillings, root canal to dental implants, Dr. Derario and his team have helped me keep a healthy mouth and a bright smile. I give them two thumbs up. I’ve been coming to this practice for many years, and they are always able to fit me in with an appointment and process my benefits paperwork quickly and seamlessly. Highly recommend.
— Wendy C. Mildetown NJ